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If you wish to CONTACT WAR PRODUCTIONS use this email:


ADDRESS: send email asking for the address.




If you have recorded some stuff and want it to be released by WAR Productions,
you can send us a copy on tape or CDr. NO MP3 or link’s to download the music.

Provide all information we need to contact you back in case we are interested (if not we also will inform you back).
You must also give us information about your project (music, lyrics) and member(s) involved in it.

We are only seeking for Black Metal, Death Metal and Doom
oriented stuff, for all the rest do NOT contact us.

WAR Productions releases only extreme, obscure and harsh material.
Do not send us anything if you think your project does not match our conditions.

We do not have time to waste with useless music and individuals.



ZINES: If you want to get our promo stuff send a proof of existence.

WEBZINES: Must be updated.